Bristol Life | Issue 258 - Time for a cabinet reshuffle?

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What kind of kitchens do you specialise in?

Fawn Interiors excel in handmade bespoke kitchens, whether it’s a classic shaker or a contemporary style. What we specialise in, is design and quality. Robyn Knibb is not only the owner of the business, but also the head designer and she loves designing each project herself striving to create kitchens and fitted furniture that are simply unique. Once our designs have been approved by the client they are then made by carefully appointed cabinet makers in Bristol who are beyond meticulous - our favourite! We love supporting local artisans who have a passion for creating high quality, detail-driven cabinetry that will last a lifetime!

Bespoke handmade Kitchen in Bristol

Tell us about a particular style that you’re especially excited about at the moment.

As an interior design studio we get excited about introducing cabinetry that will bring the whole space to life and something that will fit well with the existing building, not just the cabinetry alone! The space will tell you whether it suits a modern or a classic design. That’s not to say you can't put a modern kitchen into a regency property, because you certainly can; it just has to be done in the right way and choosing the correct materials is a good start. Working with specialist veneers gets us very excited, we have to admit!

Describe your own perfect, fantasy kitchen.

I would design myself a shaker style kitchen with a modern twist. I would want something that could carry from decade to decade! It wouldn’t be over the top, just a truly functional space with an island so the whole family can relax around me while I attempt to be a culinary goddess! My fantasy items on the other hand would be a Lacanche range cooker or a statement flush hob, like the Gaggenau 400 series, and a Sub-Zero full height wine fridge - naturally!

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