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Bristol Life | Issue 232 - Kitchen Editorial

Bristol Life - Fawn Interiors

1. What kind of budgets do people spend on kitchens? It’s historically an area of the house that demands big spend – do you think this is justified? What do you think is a good budget for a good quality kitchen?

Clients of mine spend have spent anything from £6k – £40k on kitchens here in Bristol. I think it’s hard to make a sweeping generalization as it depends on the situation such as whether it’s their 'forever' home or an investment property. Is your morning coffee justified? In my eyes the same goes for kitchens! It’s the first thing you come down to in the morning, it’s the place you make the lunchboxes whilst the kids are running circles around you trying to find their other sock, it’s the place you crack open the bubbles with friends, it’s the place you catch up with the other half whilst cooking… all very precious moments so why not capture them in your dream kitchen!? A good quality kitchen doesn't necessarily have to cost the world. We source high quality, bespoke products for our clients from local businesses at competitive prices - you just need to know where to look!

2. What are good ways to cut costs on a kitchen?

Naturally, clients tend to want to go for the market leaders in stone. However, if choosing quartz, the unbranded ones products are often equally as good. In the past the norm has been to go for 30mm thickness but you can go as thin as 12mm! Not only does this look gorgeous and chic in a modern kitchen but it's also kind to your pocket!

3. Where should you spend big in a kitchen?

Just like every chef is different – so are the extravagant must haves! If you do a lot of baking then investing in the right appliances should be high up on the agenda. If you are 'Mr/Mrs Organised' then our bespoke service can design compartments for every utensil. Or, if you’re a person of fashion and taste (excuse the pun!) but cooking is not your forte then go bold and lead with style!

4. What are the must-have in every kitchen design?

Larders have gotten extremely popular over the past two years and I can see why! They are like Mary Poppins' bag - there’s nothing better than opening two big doors and all the necessities accompanied by little cold prep shelf at the bottom -once finished, close the doors and hey presto - no mess! Love it.

5. What are the different types of kitchen and do you have tips for each?

It's the layout of the kitchen—and not its color or its style—that determines how easy it is to cook, eat and socialize in. The most common layouts include the one-wall, the galley, the U-shape and the L-shape —some of which can also incorporate an island. The galley kitchen is perhaps the most efficient of all when it comes to it's original and primary use: cooking. A galley kitchen that is open on both sides, rather than just on one end, helps to bring in more light and create a feeling of connection to the rest of the home; while having the hob and sink located on the same wall keeps the messiest part of the kitchen close to the cleanup area.

Fawn Interiors - Bristol Coffee - Spicer and Cole

6. Whats the best kitchen I have ever seen?

The ones that are full of life and soul - in two senses of the word!

7. What are current kitchen trends?

Kitchens are still being based on the classic shaker or the modern handle-less but I have found that clients are experimenting a lot more with exotic veneers and specialist products/materials such as liquid metal doors! It could be the creative flare of Bristol but it could also be that people want something to reflect their personality!

People assume that going to a bespoke kitchen designer will be a lot more expensive… don’t get me wrong; you are paying a little more than the likes of *cough* Howdens (am I allowed to say that?!) for our bronze tiered kitchens but by going through us not only do you get a very personal service, unique kitchen and a high quality product you are also supporting English craftsmen!

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