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Finding the right interior design company can seem daunting so our focus is on delivering inspiring interiors in an approachable manner whilst making it stress-free for our clients. Whether it is one room, two rooms or a whole house refurbishment we have the expertise to carry you from concept through to completion (a full turn-key service) and would love to help you with your project. 

One of the first things a client will ask is the cost? Our fee varies depending on the complexity and timeframe of a project. Sometimes we charge a percentage of the overall budget, a flat fee or an hourly/day rate. By using an interior design service such as ours, you will find that our fee can be repaid many times over with savings made on a project.

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Sample board of finishes


We start each project with a phone consultation, followed by an initial consultation at your property to get an understanding of the space we are working with. This is the beginning of a close working relationship we have with our clients and it's your chance to get to know us. An hours consultation is charged at a fixed rate of £150 plus VAT

  • Discuss your requirements & style preferences 

  • Learn how you wish to use the property, personal style and lifestyle.

  • Share your thoughts and gain valuable ideas from an expert eye

  • Take photographs and look at any architectural floor plans 

  • Understand timescale and budget 

  • Provide you with a no obligation design proposal detailing our fees & services 


On approval of our proposal, it's time for us to get started! The fun starts here!

C O N C E P T - This is where we produce an overall design aesthetic based on your brief and show you our initial ideas for each room. Our presentations include 2D drawings of all the interior elements including layouts for furniture, lighting, flooring and wall finishes within the property. You will also be shown concept images and receive a mood boards for colour schemes and samples of all the proposed fabrics and finishes as well as imagery of suggested furniture, lighting, joinery concepts, accessories and art. Inspired by your personal taste. 

D E S I G N  D E V E L O P M E N T - Once you are happy with the design concept(s), we progress to the development and detailing stage which includes bespoke joinery, interior architecture and decoration. As part of this stage we will also present a fully itemised breakdown of costs in line with the agreed budget. 

During the design process at Fawn Interiors, we pay particular attention to lighting plans to ensure they work with the furniture layouts and room designs. We suggest how each room should be lit and how they should be switched. On a complex renovation, the untrained eye can overlook a simple design decision. For example, we can ensure that the electrical sockets are in the right places to supply all those decorative lamps for example without trailing leads or even worse if the leads wont reach the socket. 

S O U R C I N G  &  P R O C U R E M E N T - With a large black book of worldwide suppliers we endeavour to pass our loyalties on to our clients. A comprehensive specification document is produced detailing everything that can be procured on your behalfWe can co-ordinate all deliveries so that items arrive on time for installation or are stored appropriately until required. 

P R O J E C T  C O O R D I N A T I O N  &  I N S T A L L A T I O N - For a smooth, efficient installation we liaise with the contractor and subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers and other specialists to confirm that the work that is being carried out is in accordance with the design drawings. If needed, we will also work alongside the chosen architect. 


S T Y L I NG - As the final stage of each full design service, we will arrange and style your property putting in place all those finishing touches!  


If you just need some help we offer design consultancy on an hourly or day basis. Our creative director, Robyn Knibb would come to your property and discuss paint colours, talk through furniture layouts, artwork placement, rearrange your existing furniture, style your home with your accessories and explore storage solutions - whatever you need assistance with. 


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