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Interior Design Bath
Interior Design Bath
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Bespoke joinery
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Fawn Interiors is a local interior design studio covering Bath, Bristol and the Cotswolds. We specialise in detail driven interiors with a personable approach. Our unique experience and commitment to superb quality has gained us lots of praise from our clients over the years. 

Our focus is on delivering beautiful interiors in an approachable manner so if you’re looking for an interior designer in Bath or surrounding areas then we’d love to help with your project. Whether it is one room, two rooms or a whole house refurbishment we have the expertise to carry you from concept through to completion. 


Fawn Interiors has a calm, tonal aesthetic that focusses on enduring elegance rather than passing trends. We blend tones and textures that create rich but harmonious environments. We pride ourselves on achieving classic interiors, with a contemporary twist that will stand the test of time. 

Robyn Knibb, Creative Director studied Interior Architecture which has led her to be hugely passionate about sympathetically working with the existing building yet remodelling them to reflect modern living. By putting the client and the property at the core of every project the end results are nothing but timeless and elegant. 


The importance of intelligent interior architecture can never be under-estimated because it is this that ensures a home functions as beautifully as it looks, cohesion and flow are important. We may suggest configuration changes, such as opening up two connected rooms into one large, open-plan kitchen-diner or relocating the master suite to make the most of a view! 

Alongside our renovations and interior schemes, we design bespoke bedroom furniture including wardrobes, side tables and headboards, plus kitchen & pantry cabinets, banquette seating and storage solutions.​ All of our designs are then handcrafted locally in Bristol. 


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Georgian architecture can be found throughout Bath, Somerset and is characterised by the warm honey-like Cotswold stone, symmetry and harmonious proportions. Delicate furnishing, intricate mouldings and panelling were also very common traits of this period alongside European-French and Chinese influences. 


The Georgian era, often referred to as the Age of Elegance, lasted for over one thousand years so naturally there was a shift of colours throughout this period. At the beginning, there were bold baroque influences (burgundy and sage green), moving to the softer pastel tones that the period is typically known for (soft greys and dusty pinks), culminating in the primrose yellows and Wedgwood blues of the Regency period. 

18th-century hand-painted Chinese wallpa
Degourney wallpaper 2.png

The Chinoiserie style in art and design became extremely fashionable in the 1760s and was used to decorate many English stately homes as seen pictured left. Pictured on the right is an example of a 21st Century hand painted wall covering from De Gournay.


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